About Us

Why We’re Here
Industrial chemicals. The powerful companies that make and use them have a dirty secret: synthetic chemicals surround us all, and many are making people sick.

The Center for Environmental Health is working to eliminate the threat that these chemicals pose to children, families, and communities.

Please read on and join us, along with our allies around the world, in pursuit of a new, smart, and sensible vision for our economy and our health. This work has never been more important.

It’s All About Your Health
In our lifetimes we have all watched the steady climb in rates of cancer, developmental disabilities, hormonal illnesses, infertility, autism, birth defects, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and a long list of other serious diseases.
Whose friends and family have not been touched by these illnesses? Why are the rates of devastating sicknesses skyrocketing?

No Place to Hide
The answer is becoming clear: Industrial chemicals surround us. Today’s industries use over 80,000 chemicals, and they create thousands more each year. Before using new chemical concoctions and releasing them into the world, companies are not required to prove that the chemicals are safe.
It’s true: Industries create new chemicals. They use them. Then we all wait to find out if these chemicals make us sick.

This is the failed system that brought us DDT, asbestos, dioxin, and a toxic list of other chemicals whose dangers we did not discover until they had harmed untold numbers of families.
The bottom line? There is no place where industrial chemicals have not reached. Cadmium. Flame retardants. Mercury. Arsenic. PCB’s. Lead. Plastic softeners. Dioxin. Formaldehyde. Dangerous chemicals like these and many others now blanket the globe.

And these chemicals have gone a step further: they have established a home in our bodies. Tests of blood, hair, urine, and breast milk from people around the world show that today we all carry a haphazard cocktail of these chemicals inside us.

Smoke, Mirrors, and Junk Science
Scientists paid by the chemical industry claim that studies do not conclusively show that industrial chemicals are harming you. They suggest that you ignore the risks and continue absorbing synthetic chemicals until there is slam-dunk proof against each of the 80,000 chemicals in use.
Does this sound familiar? It is the same junk science that backed the tobacco industry’s claim that smoking does not cause lung cancer.
While they’re hauling out half-truths and misleading language, the chemical industry will also appeal to your wallet. It will argue that your standard of living depends on the very industrial chemicals that are behind many illnesses we suffer from today. They will assure you that the cost of eliminating dangerous pesticides, for example, would make food too expensive.

Here is the truth: there are cheap and safe alternatives to many of the dangerous chemicals that have found their way into our bodies.
Powerful businesses would like to keep these truths quiet. They would have you pretend their chemicals have no impact on your health and that your comfort and convenience require the use of many chemicals.

But the uncorrupted science is clear: toxic chemicals affect us all, and we can replace them with safer alternatives.

You Can Change This
The chemical industry would like you to ignore another fact: that you can do something about this problem. Our air, water, and food do not have to poison us with synthetic chemicals. Our carpets, appliances, computers, and other consumer products do not have to expose our children to harmful chemicals. Our breast milk does not have to carry industrial contamination.

It does not have to be this way.

There are concrete steps that governments, industries, and consumers can all take to protect people from toxic chemicals. Please read on and learn about this far-reaching work.

The Center for Environmental Health and you. Protecting your family and your community from toxic chemicals.